Update: 23/06/2022

By the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Return, Redemption, Refund, and Support Process policy and form part of the Terms of Service, VLINK MART guarantees the Interests of the Customer by allowing the submission of refund requests and/or refunds before expiry.

VLINK MART guarantees to implement by VLINK MART, at the request of the Customer to assist the Customer in resolving conflicts that may arise during the execution of the transaction.


VLINK MART appreciates the trust of Customers when ordering products. The policy is built on VLINK MART to protect Consumers' rights so that customers can safely shop and experience the service.  and ensure fairness and transparency between the buyer and the seller.

In case the product received by the customer is defective, damaged, or not as described by the seller, VLINK MART is committed to supporting and protecting the Customer with policies and effort.

1. Consent

The customer agrees that they can only agree to request a refund and refund in the following cases:

- The customer has paid but did not receive the product and/or did not receive the entire ordered product and/or received the product as counterfeit.;

- Products that are defective or damaged during transportation;

- The seller delivers the wrong product to the Buyer (e.g., wrong size, wrong color, ...);

- The buyer's product receives a marked difference from the information provided by the Seller in the product description section;

- The seller has self-agreed and agreed for the Buyer to return the goods (VLINK MART will need the Seller to reconfirm these agreements)

2. Exchange/Return request time

First, the buyer should immediately contact VLINK MART to request a return/exchange within 07 (Seven) days (or longer depending on the Seller's Exchange/Return policy) of the order being successfully updated as delivered.

For fresh and frozen food products or fresh flowers, and fresh fruits (unless not yet received), the Buyer needs to send a request for Exchange/Return within 24 (twenty-four) hours of the order being successfully updated for delivery.

3. Evidence to be provided

The buyer should provide the seller with images and/or videos that clearly show the status of the product received, in case the two parties fail to reach an agreement and VLINK MART needs to participate to assist in the settlement, VLINK MART may request additional evidence if:

3.1. The evidence provided by the Buyer is blurred, and does not show the status of the product received…

3.2. Sellers appeal buyer's claim and VLINK MART needs more evidence to consider.

4. Regulations on the status of return goods

After submitting the Exchange/Return request, if the Seller agrees to return the goods, the Buyer needs to send the goods back to the Seller by the exchange/return regulations.

To limit the problems that arise in connection with returns, buyers should note:

4.1. Packing by regulations on packing goods of the shipping unit.

4.2. Send back the entire product (including all accessories, VAT invoices, warranty stamps ... if any).

4.3. The returned product must be in the same condition as when receiving the goods

VLINK MART encourages buyers to prepare the following evidence to serve as a basis for comparison/complaint later if necessary:

 - Proof of delivery/receipt with full information:  shipping unit, bill of lading code, sender/receiver name, contact phone number, and delivery address.

- Video clip of the process of packing returns.

- Other evidence shows the exchange agreement on return between the Buyer and seller (especially in case the Buyer uses the method shipment is Self-sorting).

5. Exchange/Return Expenses

- If the seller does not agree to support the fee of the Exchange/Return of the good, the buyer will be responsible for shipping costs and expenses.

6. Return/Return process

Step 1: The customer may contact the hotline: +1 832 799 3990 or visit the Exchange/Return section of the website

Step 2: Send the goods Exchange/Return the product to the receiving address

Step 3: receive the goods and check the goods.

Step 4: delivers the goods to the Seller to conduct an Exchange/Return.

Step 5: The customer receives the replacement product or receives a refund.


1. VLINK MART will only refund the Buyer when the Buyer adapts one of the following cases:

- The seller confirms that has received the returned goods, or

- The buyer accepts the Seller's offer of a refund without return, or

- The buyer's order is eligible for return/refund and VLINK MART decides to give the Buyer a refund when the Buyer has sent the return to the shipping unit and the shipping unit confirms that it has received the refund.

2. For cases where the refund request has been approved by the Seller, the refund amount shall be mutually agreed upon by the two Parties but must not be less than 50% of the value of the product with the return/refund request.

3. If after 07 (seven) days from the time the order is successfully updated delivery, the buyer does not require a Refund/Return, and the Buyer loses the right to request a refund/return.

If the Refund/Return request is accepted and after the return of the goods has been received, the Seller is responsible for returning the money to the Buyer.

If the Seller delays or does not return, the Buyer can make a complaint and VLINK MART will assist in the settlement.


VLINK MART is always responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints related to transactions at  e-commerce platform.  When complaints and disputes arise, VLINK MART  emphasizes  the  solution of negotiation and conciliation  between the parties to maintain the relationship and  customer's trust in the quality of service

The process for support follows these steps:

Step 1: Customers who have a complaint regarding goods or services purchased on VLINK’S website shall:

  •  Send a complaint via email:
  • Contact the hotline at +1 832 799 3990
  • Visit VLINK’s corporate location at 5444 Westheimer Rd, Suite 1000, Houston Texas 77056

Step 2: The Supporter will receive the complaints, and VLINK MART will take specific measures to support the complainant and or the parties in dispute to resolve depending on the nature and extent of the case.

Step 3: VLINK MART can ask customers and/or sellers to provide information and evidence related to transactions and products for verification clarify the case and take appropriate action.

Step 4: In case VLINK MART has made efforts to resolve complaints and disputes but the incident exceeds the capabilities and competence of VLINK MART, VLINK MART will request the customer to propose to transfer the case to the competent authority for settlement by the provisions of this Policy.

During this time VLINK MART will take necessary measures such as temporarily locking the Seller's account to ensure the case is handled fairly for the customer. After the decision of the legal authorities, VLINK MART will carry out the clearance according to the ruling of the legal authorities.

VLINK MART respects and seriously implements the provisions of the law on protecting the rights of customers (consumers). Therefore, sellers on e-commerce platforms need to provide complete, accurate, honest, and detailed information related to the product. All acts of fraud and fraud in business are condemned and must be fully accountable before the law.

The parties including the seller and the buyer have an important and responsible role in actively resolving the matter.  The seller should be responsible for providing documents, papers, and other evidence to prove and clarify information related to the incident that is causing conflict with the Buyer. When requested, VLINK MART will provide information relating to the Buyer and Seller if the Buyer or Seller (in connection with the dispute) agrees or to the extent permitted by law.

In case the transaction arises a complaint or dispute that is determined to belong to the Seller, VLINK MART will take measures to warn, lock the account or transfer it to the competent authority to handle it depending on the extent of the violation. VLINK MART will terminate and remove all articles about the Seller's products on its platform, and ask the Seller to compensate the Buyer satisfactorily based on department making a deal with the buyer.

In case VLINK MART and the parties have made efforts to resolve through negotiations and agreements but still cannot resolve the conflict arising from the transaction between the transaction of The buyer and the seller, either party will be able to take the case to the competent legal authorities for settlement to ensure benefits legality of the parties.

Any disputes, complaints, or disputes arising from or relating to transactions in the Website or these Regulations and Conditions shall be resolved through deliberation, mediation, and/or state or Federal court in Texas under the Consumer Rights Protection Act of The United States and the customer agrees to the jurisdiction and unique location in these Courts. Each of us waives all rights to the jury trial.